Infamy Newsletter (1-31-2019)


Heya infamous ones, this is the first iteration of our weekly kinship newsletter. Feel free to send me any feedback about this newsletter.


Where we are at now:

We've hit Rank 5 in the Kinship Lifespan Rank! That means kinship mail can be utilized to keep our memebers up-to-date on all things Infamy. Rank 6 is coming up in 4 weeks and will grant us Kinship Auctions!  Fox has been doing a great job with our Discord, so be sure to stop in and have a chat and/or post in the various chat channels. We've hosted two weekends of Raiding, conquring the Rift on t1 with no wipes and the entire Helegrod series multiple times.  We're really proud of everyone! 


Where we are going:

we are steady working on our Website to be a place for all sorts of kinship and lotro information  If you see Fox or any of his alts, give him a big gnarly beorning hug for all the hard work he's been doing.


Upcoming events:

- Slayer/Explorer Deeding on Tuesdays at 7pm/server with Evening.

- Fri/Sat Raid nights at 7pm


Thank you all!

~ Skoch

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